Where do you go when you need evidence regarding potential heirs of an estate? How fast do you need it?

FMO Research is here to serve and assist the legal community in researching for potential heirs of estates, including those that do not have wills or involve trusts, or the possible owners of unclaimed property/mineral rights.  Our clients include probate attorneys, executors, estate administrators, courts, governmental agencies, unclaimed property professionals and others.


FMO Research uses modern forensic search techniques, combined with traditional genealogical methods, to conduct diligent inquiries for potential owners and heirs of estates.  We are experts in genealogical research, adhering to the highest of ethical standards and practices.  We conduct every search with impartiality, without any bias towards the outcome of the case or the amount of the estate distributions.


When a person dies without a will, or their will has been deemed invalid, the person is considered to have died “intestate.”  All potential heirs must be researched in order for the court to determine heirship and establish the amount of each heir’s portion of the estate.


When a holder of funds, such as a bank or stock brokerage firm, loses contact with an account owner, after a certain period of time, the holder sends the funds to the appropriate government agency for safekeeping.  These funds are called “unclaimed property.”  Sometimes the owner can be found.  However, sometimes the owner is now deceased and the potential heirs must be found instead.  The court ultimately makes the determination of the rightful heirs.


We provide notarized Affidavits of Diligent Search for Kinship for presentation in courts and other legal proceedings.  Additionally, we provide expert testimony in court hearings.


Call us at 801-833-3520 or 845-399-7058 if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation.


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