Probate and Ad Litem Research


When was the last time a probate case was held up because you could not locate missing heirs or beneficiaries? How much is lost when your cases are stalled?


As professional forensic genealogists, FMO Research can help by locating and determining heirs and beneficiaries.  We can:

  • Search for unkown or “no known heirs”

  • Conduct due diligence searches to confirm the identities of the heirs

  • Provide Documents of Heirship or Kinship

  • Provide "disinterested witness" testimony in heirship hearings

  • Provide Affidavits of Heirship

  • Create detailed Descendancy and Pedigree Charts


Our consultancy services can include:

  • An independent review and confirmation of your current data to determine their accuracy in comparison to the genealogical evidence

  • A diligent search for all heirs related to the case

  • Reports that can strengthen your case in court


Our skilled team has expertise in both modern tracing methods and traditional genealogical research.  This combination makes the necessary connections between older generations and living heirs.  We can find hidden clues and answers that other researchers have not, combining every possible resource and research tool to increase the likelihood of success.


Call us at 845-399-7058 or 801-833-3520 if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation.



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