Why Us?


FMO Research:

  • Conducts both traditional genealogical and modern tracing research
  • Assists in locating intestate heirs or rightful owners of unclaimed property
  • Provides formal notarized Affidavits of Diligent Search
  • Provides expert testimony in court hearings
  • Finds rightful heirs to closed probate cases previously escheated because no heirs were initially found
  • Adheres to principles and ethics in accordance with the Association of Professional Genealogists



  • Experienced people available to act quickly
  • Access to the latest technologies and services
  • Collaborative research processes enabling up-to-the-minute status reporting



  • Summary reports provided to enable initial contact with potential claimants; including detailed genealogical charts and documentation demonstrating the relationships between the account owner and the heirs
  • Independent formal affidavits of research provided as necessary
  • If we find anomalies in the records, we make sure you are aware of them to help reduce future risk.



  • All research is held in strictest confidentiality and is protected under non-disclosure agreements


Call us at 845-399-7058 or 801-833-3520 if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation.


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